Clothesline Poles

Clothesline Poles

TJ's Fencing is manufacturing hardy clothes line posts made out of fiberglass.  These durable posts will never rot, and can withstand all weather conditions!  As of this year, the posts will come painted in several different color options including: white, gray, and brown.  Our choice of paint is as resilient as the fiberglass posts we use, and it is guaranteed to last up to 20 plus years! Another added bonus of our paint method is no slivers! These clothes line posts enable you to hang loads and loads of laundry, without the stress and worry about your clotheslines strength.

New additive in our paint now prevents & protects against the growth of mold & mildew.

The clothes line posts are 10 Feet tall, and come with:

2- 5' Up Right Poles


1-5' Cross Bar W/holes


2-End Caps