Horse Fence

Horse Fence

TJ's Fencing wants what is best for the horse industry, and can provide you with a product that is safe, easy to install, rust free and long-lasting.  Travis builds his quality horse fence out of fiberglass, and uses a grinding machine to clean the rails.  After ensuring the horse fence is sliver free, and ready for paint, Travis paints the rods with an industrial-strength paint with a mildewcide preventive additive.  TJ's offers several different painting options including: white, gray, and brown.  Not only does our horse fence prove to its durability, it also helps the environment by using recycled materials.

At TJ's Fencing, we understand just how much livestock is a part of our customer's daily lives.  Due to the fact that we are ranch owners ourselves, we are aware that raising and caring for animals is a ever-ending, sometimes challenging job. This job doesn't stop when the hours get long, or when the weather is less than ideal.  But it is also one of the most rewarding jobs to do.  That is why we create reliable horse fence that can properly retain and protect your horses and cattle.  Our horse fence will not sag or collapse, which gives our customers a peace of mind.

Our fiberglass fencing comes with painted rails, no slivers and UV protection.  It is easy to install, and it has adjustable options to fit your animal's needs. Please call, or email us for more information!

When you need quality horse fence or great advice for protecting and securing your livestock, turn to the people who understand your needs best, your neighbors at TJ's Fencing.

New additive in our paint now prevents & protects against the growth of mold & mildew.

Post Measurements are I.D. (Inside Diameter).

OPTION:  7/8" or 1'' solid painted rail will be less per rail per foot      

3 Rail Horse Fence 15" Center
3-Rail Top Rail 1" Heavy Fence (4"x 1/4"x7'6") - LOTS
#4-SB: 48" Tall Blank line
#4-SBL3: 48" Tall Line
#6-SBE3: 48" Tall End (6" x " x 7'6")

4 Rail Horse Fence 15" on Center
4-1" Rail Standard Fence (4"x 3/16"x7'6") - TALL PASTURE
#4-SA: 60" Tall Blank Line
#4-SAL4: 60" Tall Line
#6-SBE4-15: 60" Tall End (6" x " x 7'6")

4-Rail Top Rail 1 " Heavy Fence (4"x1/4"x8') - STUD PENS
#4-8B: 63" Tall Blank Line
#4-SBL4-15: 63" Tall Line
#6-8E4-15: 63" Tall End . (6" x 3/8" x 8')

2 Rail Fence, 24" on Center
2 1" Rail Standard Fence (4" x 1/8" x 7'6") - SHOW FENCE
#4-SF: 50" Tall Blank Line
#4-SFL2: 50" Tall Line
#6-SAE2: 50" Tall End (6" x3/16" x 7'6")

2-Rail Top Rail 1 Heavy Fence(4"x 3/16"x 7'6") - ARENA TYPE FENCE
#4-SA: 50" Tall Blank Line
#4-SAL2: 50" Tall Line
#6-SBE2: 50" Tall End        

3 Rail Horse Fence, 15" on Center
3 1" Rail Light Fence (4" x 1/8"x 7'6") - PASTURE FENCE
#4-SF: 48" Tall Blank Line
#4-SFL3: 48" Tall Line
#6-SBE3: 48" Tall End (6' x " x 7'6")

3-1"Rail Standard Fence (4"x 3/16"x 7'6") - HEAVY PASTURE
#4-SA: 48" Tall Blank Line
#3-SAL3: 48" Tall Line   
#6SBE3: 48" Tall End (6" x " x 7'6")

Rail Options-Painted
7/8" Fiberglass rail 35'6"
1" Fiberglass rail 35'6"
1.20 Fiberglass Rails 35'6"
1 " Fiberglass rail 35'6"

Please refer to accessory list for other materials needed.
Revised 1/2017

Horse Fence

Horse Fence